A #BACommunity webinar recording

Webinar description:

Life as a BA can get very busy, fraught and even stressful at times. Seemingly impossible deadlines loom over us, stakeholders make unrealistic demands, and it is very easy to get gently nudged into working longer and longer hours to try to compensate for unrealistic planning.

Yet habitually working long hours can have seriously detrimental affects on life both inside and outside of work. It is very easy to get run down, burnt out and feel caught on a “hamster wheel” of delivery. Toxic cultures can emerge where working “long” and appearing “stressed” are seen as signs of achievement. After all “If you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen”. That is of course, unless we contribute towards designing a better kitchen… or in our case a better working environment.

This panel examined the important but often overlooked topic of well-being and it’s relevance for BAs. The session was highly interactive and addressed topics including:

– What is “well-being” and why does it matter for BAs?
– How can we focus on well-being when others are trying to pressure us to work harder and longer?
– Can we act as “examples/role models” on projects to show others that it’s OK to put a priority on well-being?
– What practical steps can we take?

We were joined by two expert speakers, both of whom have a unique angle.