In this #BACommunity Webinar we’ll were joined by Dr Debra Paul (Managing Director of Assist KD), David Beckham (Senior Business Analyst, Aviva), Christina Lovelock (BA Practice Lead at the University of Leeds), Lawrence Darvill (Chair of BA Manager Forum and director of Assist KD) for a panel discussion covering the tricky topic of BA Careers.

Webinar Description
Business analysis is increasingly seen as a crucial enabler for organisational success. There is a vibrant global community of Business Analysis practitioners, each of whom have different backgrounds and experience levels. The role is broad, and this breadth can make it confusing for people entering the profession, as well as those looking to progress.

Have you ever wondered “how can I get into the profession”, “how do I progress” or “what role could I get next”? If so, this is the webinar for you! We’ll be joined by four business analysis thought leaders who will address topics including:

– How to break the “no BA experience = no job” cycle
– Types of BA role, and possibilities for progression within the role
– The relevance/usefulness of certification
– The many different career paths, the importance of ‘T-shaping’ and possible roles after being a BA