Devils in the Details: Embracing modern Devil’s Advocacy to Help Reduce Risk and Manage Uncertainty with Robert Koshinskie

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About the Webinar
The popular, majority view often decides what’s best in everything from entertainment to business practices. Time and again, however, we’ve seen how going along with the crowd can lead to dissatisfying or disastrous results. If only we had taken the time to seek a thoughtful dissenting opinion.

Devils in the Details calls for the rise of modern Devil’s Advocacy to help reduce risk and manage uncertainty. In this webinar we will explore a range of relevant aspects for the BA community, including:

• The origin of devil’s advocacy and why modern Devil’s Advocates are needed today
• Why we need to regularly challenge our formal processes, including so-called best practices
• Different kinds of thinking and common biases and fallacies that can cloud our decision-making
• How to embrace modern Devil’s Advocacy for diverse and useful dissent without impeding progress

Robert Koshinskie
About the Presenter
Robert Koshinskie is the principal of Ringbolt Consulting where he assists clients in product and marketing management, new product development and launch, and business analysis and strategy. He is a mentor in the NSF I-Corps Program and the creator and instructor for a decision-making seminar through NC State University Division of Continuing and Professional Education.