Have you ever tried to elicit something from an inanimate object? Have you yelled at the documentation to just tell you the requirements or interviewed the company’s procedure manual or policies and got nothing but blank stares? This is a great example of simply using good techniques when we may not be best considering the context, the stakeholders and ultimately, the goal we are trying to accomplish with our elicitation techniques. A little planning, a little analysis perhaps, can help you approach your elicitation activities with more success.

But what about when you planned your interview well and you do not get the information you were looking for? You did the analysis and planned your approach but the result is not the value-adding direction you planned to go. Then we need to rethink our approach to how to use these valuable techniques!

Elicitation is a word most business analysts, project managers, change agents, product owners and numerous other professionals know, but gets lost in the techniques that we then use to try to draw out the information we seek. So let’s go back to basics and really look at the power of elicitation and how we can innovate our approaches to lead to results that drive greater success.

This discussion will have attendees:

– Leaving with a better view on elicitation and how powerful this concept can be on change efforts
– Gaining new approaches to ‘tried and true’ techniques for evolving, adaptive work environments today
– Understanding the key structure to ensure elicitation activities are valuable and fun