About this webinar:

If you’re practising agile, the chances are that you have a backlog. In fact, you might have a huge, bloated backlog that from a distance looks suspiciously waterfall…

Backlogs can be useful, but as teams become truly agile, are they still needed? Or are backlogs like training wheels on a bicycle… they get you so far, but to really thrive you need to ‘let go’ and take the risk?

At a recent conference, Allan Kelly delivered a presentation where he discussed this very point. “But how would that work in practice?” I hear you ask… that is what we’ll discuss in this session!

During this discussion, you’ll hear

✔️ What backlogs are useful for, and when they can be a hindrance

✔️ When (and why) teams should consider ditching the backlog altogether

✔️ Practical tips for transitioning away from backlog driven development