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Have you ever wanted to take a ‘sideways step’ in your career? To get beyond organisational silos and work in other change-related roles? Or perhaps you’re wondering what your next career move should be? This webinar is for you!

There is no doubt that the business analysis role is broad. The very skills and competencies that make somebody a great BA are often transferable to other change-related roles too. This webinar examines the similarities, overlaps and differences between business analysis and other roles. During this conversational webinar, you will hear:

How business analysis and business architecture differ, but also where they overlap
The importance of customer experience, employee experience and empathy
Why seeing the ‘bigger picture’ is crucial
How BA skills are directly relevant to other business change roles
What different career paths might be open to a senior BA
How a BA might choose to progress outside of the traditional BA career path, and how BA skills and competencies help with this