In this #BACommunity webinar, Christelle Govender discusses the tricky subject of stakeholder engagement in a hybrid/virtual environment.

Webinar description:

Slipping through my fingers all the time I try to capture every minute, but just when I think I’ve got it, my stakeholder slips away! In the tool box of skills required to be a successful business analyst, arguably one of the most valuable skills is that of stakeholder management. Unlike tools and technology, here we are dealing with humans , we are required to build, maintain and enhance relationships which help deliver some tangible value across the finish line, and yet in the new normal of remote and hybrid working we tend to ignore that this skill also needs to be reviewed. The water cooler talks are now a thing of the past and we have to look at new ways to build long lasting relationships.

I, for one, learnt this the hard way and am ashamed to say that I failed. Join me as I share my internal retrospective on building a relationship with a stakeholder in the remote world and let’s learn together!

About the Speaker

Christelle Govender is a South African Business Analyst with over 9 years experience in the IT profession. Starting off as Quality Analyst she worked her way up towards the role of a Business Analyst. Passionate about sharing, growing and building others up, she has experience as a mentor, author and public speaker