Have you ever tried to navigate through a messy backlog, with hundred (or thousands) of seemingly unrelated stories? Or perhaps you’ve struggled to grapple with prioritisation of backlog items? Or maybe you’ve had a debate over whether developers should be adding ‘technical stories’ to the product backlog… if so, this is definitely the session for you!

On paper, backlog management sounds simple, but the reality is quite different. In this session we are joined by two leading expert practitioners who will provide us with tips, tricks and techniques to avoid backlog related woes.During this session, you’ll hear about:

✔️ How a backlog can be created in the first place (and why it needs deliberate and conscious thought)

✔️ The importance of ‘definition of ready’ and ‘definition of done’

✔️ Tips for keeping junk out of the backlog in the first place

✔️ Tips for ensuring stories are sliced and prioritised appropriately

✔️ … and much, much more besides