Have you ever wondered what a Product Owner is, what the role involves and how it fits into a project context? If so, this webinar is for you! In this informative webinar, Allan Kelly provides an overview of the role as well as explaining how it relates to other roles.

During the webinar you will hear:

– What the Product Owner Role is and why it matters
– How Product Ownership fits within projects (and the potential conflicts to be aware of)
– Why the Product Owner is difficult to play well
– How Business Analysis and Product Ownership are similar, and how they are different

About The Speaker
Allan Kelly helps individuals, teams and enterprises enhance agility in an digital world. Through direct advice, consulting, training and books he applies his wide experience to the challenges faced in modern work. His novel, and sometimes radical, suggestions create environments were people can thrive.

He is the author of seven books including “Continuous Digital”, “Little Book of Requirements and User Stories” and his latest book is “The Art of Agile Product Ownership.” He has pioneered techniques such as Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. His blog is at allankelly.net/blog and on Twitter he is @allankellynet.