So, you’re a Business Analyst. You know how to elicit requirements and analyse them. You are objective about your stakeholders’ needs, understand the project scope, can determine the cost benefit and still things don’t turn out as expected. It could be down to Cognitive Bias.

Why aren’t people coming up with new ideas in your workshops? It’s the anchoring bias, compounded by bandwagon bias.
Are your problem solving sessions reaching the right solutions? If not, maybe it’s the curse of knowledge or loss aversion bias.
Why is estimating seen as a black art? Blame the planning fallacy and optimism bias.

This session will examine these questions and others by drawing on the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics and applying them to Business Analysis. We’ll also look at ways to overcome biases and help counter the natural tendencies of our brains.

You will take away from this session:
– What Cognitive Biases are
– How they affect both you, as a Business Analyst, and your stakeholders
– Approaches for overcoming biases, or even using them to your advantage