#BACommunity Webinar Recording.

Webinar Description : Us analytical types, we love to assess. It’s codified practice. Situational assessment is often step 1. But how smart are we about using assessment tools when we benchmark or try to establish where a system or an organisation is, and at what level they are against some entity’s definition of ‘good’? In other words, before we embark on building the case for a change or improvement or a problem solve, how often do we ask “which way of measuring or assessing this situation should I be using?”.

And there are no shortage of assessment tools to choose from. Some famous (or infamous) assessments we might have come across could include ITIL, CMMI, Practitioner Competency models, plus scores of other tools that aim to measure personal, team or organisational competencies around big money themes – agility, innovation, digital transformation readiness and the like.

And, to be honest, assessments are frankly our (consultants) tool of first choice, for good reason – they get a conversation started, kick-off a client relationship, introduce big buzzwords, look impressive (all those charts and graphs!) and we create the sense (perhaps inadvertently the illusion) of a clear path to someplace better than here.

In this wide ranging conversation, we take a frank look at assessments and their advantages, disadvantages and applicability.