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About the Webinar
We live in a disrupted world, and this disruption is just as prevalent for business analysts as it is for other stakeholders. Some organisations are making BAs redundant, others are recruiting them in large numbers—this means that ensuring that you are ‘interview ready’ is more important than ever.

Following on from our previous session bouncing back from BA redundancy, we reconvene our panel of leading practitioners and experts to discuss how to ‘ace’ a business analysis interview. The session took questions from the audience, covering topics such as:

– Preparing for an interview: How can a candidate successfully prepare for an interview? Is there such a thing as too much preparation?
– Interview questions: Google “BA Interview questions” and you’ll get a plethora of responses. But how useful are they… does anyone ask these types of ‘model questions’ in the real world?
– Presentations, tasks and assignments: Gone are the days when interviews are the only form of assessment. We’ll discuss the relevance of other tasks such as preparing presentations and more

The Panellists
Saffron House: Senior Business Analyst at Ordinance Survey and Professional Development Director at IIBA UK Saffron House
Michelle Shakesheff: Head of Business Analysis at Close Brothers