In this #BACommunity Webinar we hosted Lori Silverman of Partners for Progress®, who joined Blackmetric’s Adrian Reed for an informal but informative chat about data, insight and business analysis. The webinar was entitled “We’re Drowning in Data! Are You Prepared to Come to the Rescue?”

Webinar Description
The title of a recent HBR article by Randy Bean and Tom Davenport, says it all, “Companies are Failing in Their Efforts to Become Data-Driven.” The research results they cite from NewVantage Partners are unequivocal: People AND process are the number 1 obstacle. For this to significantly shift, the authors state that organisations must address “cultural barriers to business adoption.” They didn’t say, “What’s needed is more sophisticated technology,” or “Get everyone to think like a data scientist” or “Better data visualisations are needed.”

Did you know that:

– Being data-driven is an impossible goal … and that another outcome can drive cultural success?
– The OSEMN approach which data science uses to solve data problems doesn’t guarantee valuable business insights will be actionable?
– Communicating findings — the insights — from a data inquiry will likely fall flat if data in any form is included?

In this lively one-hour informal chat, Lori and Adrian reveal several misconceptions that we’re routinely taught to believe and follow. Learn about the most needed role that Business Analysts can play in helping organisations create a more connected culture and gain meaningful business benefits from data.